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Biology Department Opportunities


Biology & Chemistry Club:

The Belhaven Biology and Chemistry Club is lead by biology majors, and is organized to foster the study of science and to introduce students, via a variety of guest speakers, to the many different career and scholarship opportunities available to science majors. Club members also participate in fundraisers and service projects, in line with the club's motto: Not to be served, but to serve.

Mississippi Academy of Sciences (MAS):

Students who participate in undergraduate research at Belhaven have the opportunity to present their results at the Mississippi Academy of Sciences, an annual gathering of students, scientists, and educators from across the state ( Students have their abstracts published in the MAS journal, and then compete against other students in the Health Sciences division. In 2005, Belhaven placed second in the division for their research, and Dr. Robert Waltzer presented his ongoing work on Intelligent Design. The paper was entitled "Function and Design". In 2007, we received second place and in 2006 we received third place for our research in the Health Sciences Undergraduate Division of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences.