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Department of Education Faculty

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Dr. David Hand, (2013) Dean of the School of Education
B.A., M.A., Oral Roberts University
Ed.D. from Oklahoma State University

Dr. Rebekah Chiasson (2013) Assistant Professor of Education
B.S., M.S., William Carey University
Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi.

Dr. Marilyn Evans (2012) Assistant Professor of Education and Chair of Undergraduate Teacher Education
B.S., Jackson State University
M.A., University of Phoenix
Ed.D., Texas Southern University

Dr. Lydia McCardle (2007) Professor of Education
Ed.D. Mississippi State University
Ed. Spec. Mississippi State University
M.S. Mississippi State University
B.S. Delta State University

Dr. Claudia Nisbett (2010) Professor of Education
B.S.E., M.Ed. and Ed.D., Delta State University

Bettye H. Quinn (1966) Associate Professor of Education; Director of Elementary Education
B.A., Belhaven University
M.Ed., Mississippi College

Dr. Catherine C. Wasson (1999) Professor of Education
B.A., Mississippi State
M.Ed., Delta State University
Ph.D., University of Mississippi

Dr. Cynthia Wilkins (2013) Instructor of Education
B.S., Baylor University
M.Ed., Mississippi College
Montessori Certification - Primary, MWEI Montessori Institute
Montessori Certification - Elementary, St. Nicholas Montessori College
Ph.D., Mississippi State University

Adjunct Faculty:

Sandra Butler
Nan Christian
Dr. Jane Everly
Dr. Helen Graham
Dr. Rosalind Hambrick
Dr. Hazel Henderson
Dr. Bob Fuller
Mary Kenyon
Dr. Marlyn Martin
Dr. Bryan Marshall
Dr. Hattie Bronson-McLean
Dr. Donna Noblitt
Peggy Orey
Dr. Donna Packer
Dr. Ann Scott
Dorothy Smith
Eddie Spann
Dr. Samecia Stokes
Dr. Dorothy Stokes
Dr. David Wasson