School of Education Institutional Standards

Academic Excellence

1. The candidate utilizes knowledge of content in creating learning opportunities that makes subject matter meaningful and useful and promote the growth and development of all students.

Professional Knowledge

2. The candidate designs and manages learning environments that accommodate a diverse population, provide for individual differences, and enhance student achievement.

3. The candidate selects and implements a variety of instructional methods and teaching strategies that develop students' critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills.

4. The candidate determines appropriate assessment instruments and analyzes assessment data to monitor and document student learning and to improve instruction.

Leadership Opportunities

5. The candidate employs the tools of self-evaluation and reflection and utilizes available resources to support professional growth and to promote school improvement.

Character Development

6. The candidate integrates and exhibits the Christian worldview in building inclusive learning environments that address the needs, perspectives, and diversity among students, families, colleagues, and communities.