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School of Science and Mathematics

Belhaven University's School of Science and Mathematics, an area leader in interdisciplinary science education, is dedicated to developing students who can apply an ethical approach to the solving of real-world problems.

The goals of our faculty are to make science learning interesting, relevant, and modern for students while positioning scientific methods of experimental design, data collection, analysis, and communication as crucial connecting pieces between the liberal arts education and social responsibility. The addition of a new science wing to Fitzhugh Hall combined with innovative technologies, modern instrumentation, and modular laboratories stands as a testament to Belhaven's sustained focus on the sciences.

The School of Science and Mathematics boasts four distinctive programs including Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Sports Medicine & Exercise Science. Graduates from these programs receive a Bachelor of Science degree and are equipped to enter the work force or apply for admission to post-baccalaureate programs in graduate schools, medicine, dentistry, or nursing.

It is our goal at Belhaven to equip our students with the experiences necessary to emerge as scientifically competent leaders of society, ready to apply their skills to modern issues.