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Arts Discover Day

November 14, 2014:

As the only Evangelical college in America to offer degrees in all five of the Arts, Belhaven has opportunities you won't find anywhere else! Don't miss this special day geared towards students interested in any of our five Arts programs: Dance, Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Theatre, and Music.

This is no ordinary "Discover Day!" In fact, this day is crucial for those wishing to major/minor in one of the Arts and to compete for scholarships. Portfolios will be reviewed and auditions will be held on this day, so come ready to share your passion for the Arts! (Please note: auditions for Dance will not be held during Arts Discover Day, but instead during the scheduled Dance audition days. See the dance audition page for more information)

This visit day provides: workshops, classes, meals, campus tour, performances by several of the Arts programs, personal interaction with faculty, a student panel, and the opportunity to meet other students with a passion for the Arts! Parents are also encouraged to join Arts Discover Day as there are sessions/events specifically tailored to address your questions or concerns.

Come experience Belhaven University for yourself - reserve your place for this year's Arts Discover Day! Visit the fine arts department you are interested in attending for additional details.

Check back later to register online for the department you would like to visit.

Belhaven Arts Student

"Coming to Arts Discover Day was really the determining factor in me choosing a University. By looking on Belhaven's website I could see that Christ was the standard, but actually coming here I saw that this was not only a motto but a reality. Discover day is a great way to get see the campus and get a feel for everyday life at Belhaven. It is also a good chance to interact with current students and faculty members, who are so nice and welcoming, and get some pertinent questions answered!"

Javante Ingram
Belhaven Student