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Thank you for making time to connect with your alma mater! We hope you are able to find all you need to stay in touch with the latest events at Belhaven, as well as fellow classmates. We certainly want to provide you opportunity to continue and strengthen your relationship with Belhaven-available with the click of a mouse.

Give Online TodayAs you browse the alumni site, we encourage you to consider how you may be actively involved with Belhaven University.

We want you to hear how your support is impacting the lives of today's Belhaven students. Click on the videos below and allow them to express their thankfulness to you!

Ellen Thombley Katy Butler Lauren Rutledge Mato Mabior Melissa Wenhold Ricky Howard Susan Burris

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Office of Development and Alumni
1500 Peachtree Street, Box 158
Jackson, MS 39202
601-949-3789 or

Development Staff

Jeff Rickels
Jeff L. Rickels
Assistant to the President

Beth Whitney
Beth Whitney
Director of Development Operations and Alumni Relations

Jim Goode
Jim Goode
Church Relations and Planned Giving Officer

Cliff Ford
Cliff Ford
Director of Community Development

Rose Ann Davis
Rose Ann Davis
Development Services Coordinator