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At Belhaven University, we offer outstanding academic programs that will meet your academic needs—whether you are a senior in high school looking for traditional undergraduate program, a working adult hoping to obtain an accelerated undergraduate degree or graduate degree that will help you meet your professional goals, or a student seeking the flexibility of online classes that fit any age—high school or beyond. Please see comments from a variety of our students below.

To apply for any of our programs, simply click on the appropriate link below, and it will take you directly to the application form.

See what students are saying about Belhaven University....

Name: DeMarcus Suggs
Major: BFA in Dance
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Program: Traditional Undergraduate

"From the moment I decided to attend Belhaven, I felt like it was going to be, quite simply, the "right place" for me. It has proven to be that and more. The awesome teaching from a Christian perspective, the relationships I've developed, and the activities I've been able to be a part of have really made my time here something that I will always appreciate."

Name: Martha Krystaponis, alumna
Major: Creative Writing
Minor: Christian Ministries
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

"I was deeply impressed by the people at Belhaven when I came to visit. Their love for the Lord and for people. Belhaven enabled me to attend by providing me with sufficient financial aid, as well, which was a large factor in my college decision."

Name: Jennifer Jasper
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Social Services
Program: Adult Undergraduate Student

"Belhaven has been a wonderful experience for me. The Christian environment and content presented in each class has helped my growth and enhanced my character. This experience has given me the added skill to help others through Social Services."

Name: Lesa Young
Program: Online Undergraduate

"The Online Program has been the perfect fit for me, my family, and our on-the-go lifestyle. I have participated in my classes from hotels while out of town on business, while on vacation in the mountains, from my office, and even in the car sitting in traffic."

Name: Rachel Misenar
Degree: Master of Arts In Teaching

"I realized how well Belhaven’s MAT program had prepared me from the first day teaching elementary school, and was reminded four years later as I was chosen as my school’s Teacher of the Year. I appreciate the quality of Belhaven’s education I received for my life as well as my vocation."