Belhaven Leadership Council


The Belhaven Leadership Council (BLC) is the student leadership arm of the Belhaven University student body. As such, its members serve as the primary student body representatives. Students are encouraged to communicate their interests, questions and concerns to BLC officers. You can download the BLC Office Hours and the BLC officer descriptions for each position.

The BLC exists to serve the best interests of the student body by giving distinctive Christian leadership in all areas of its influence.

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Abbey Herman Adam Kowalczyk Patricia Moreno Olivia Parks Madeline Wurster Emily Fillman Keana Grissom Genevieve Dunn Kayla Neely Mary Malone Chris Moody
Abbey Herman

Abbey Herman (President)

Hometown:  Flowood, MS

Major/Minor:  Sports Medicine and Exercise Science Minor: Psychology

Hobbies:  Playing volleyball, traveling, painting

What do you like most about Belhaven?

You can be yourself at Belhaven. Belhaven has a very diverse group of students, and I love having the opportunity to meet others and hear their story. I really enjoy how accepting and friendly the students and faculty at Belhaven are. Faculty members are amazing and truly want to see the students grow and be fully prepared to step into the real world.

What advice would you give to all students?

Do not be afraid to get involved - not just with events and activities around campus - but by creating relationships with other people. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is the best way to let God use you! Take a step, get out there, and see what Belhaven has to offer. Your time in college will fly by; do not let a good opportunity pass you by.

For you, why BLC?

Belhaven Leadership Council is a family to me. I enjoy being on a team with other students that have the goal of serving Belhaven's campus. Ultimately, we are called to serve and not be served. I want to be a support for the students to help grow here at Belhaven University. My goal is to be an encourager through any situation.

Adam Kowalczyk

Adam Kowalczyk (Vice President)

Hometown:  Marshall, VA

Major/Minor:  Sports Medicine

Hobbies:  Baseball, Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Ultimate Frisbee, Disc Golf, Basically outdoor activities and sports

What do you like most about Belhaven?

I like the community feel and that you know the teachers and faculty actually love and care for you. Being taught with a Christian perspective has strengthened my relationship with Christ and has established a stronger foundation for my faith in God.

What advice would you give to all students?

Study. Everyone crams for finals and tests, but if you study frequently and do your homework it makes college life so much less stressful. Once you learn how to time manage your study life, your social life will be able to thrive.

For you, why BLC?

Leadership has always been a passion of mine. I have loved the positions of leadership I have been in and always look forward to new opportunities to lead others. As captains of Baseball teams I have been on to leading group projects, I have always enjoyed it. I see BLC as being the greatest honor a college student can have. To be able to lead my peers at Belhaven University is such an amazing opportunity.

Patricia Moreno

Patricia Moreno (Ministry Coordinator)

Hometown:  Queretaro, Mexico

Major/Minor:  Dance/Business Administration

Hobbies:  Travel, outdoors, baking, coloring, music.

What do you like most about Belhaven?

Belhaven is more than a school; it is a family. It is a very diverse place and everybody is loving and encouraging. At Belhaven you are not a number but a very special individual who has been handpicked by God to be at this place, in this moment.

What advice would you give to all students?

Get connected. Don't be afraid of getting out of your comfort zone. Go to events and fellowship groups, be open to meet people, you will find some very valuable friendships and connections in the most unexpected places.

For you, why BLC?

BLC has poured so much into me. Going to college outside my country was a scary thing to do. I came to Belhaven being shy and quiet and through those in BLC I learned to get out of my comfort zone and emerge from the shell I had built for myself. They always offered me their friendship and encouragement and were there to serve the student body. Therefore, one of my biggest desires is to do the same for others and serve my neighbor to the best of my abilities, through the platform that BLC offers to me.

Olivia Parks

Olivia Parks (Intramurals Coordinator)

Hometown:  Downers Grove, IL

Major/Minor:  Social Work

Hobbies:  Intramurals, drawing, hanging out with friends, babysitting

What do you like most about Belhaven?

I love that Belhaven provides a lot of opportunities for their students. The size of the school makes it possible to be involved in many different areas on campus while being able to invest in lifelong friendships.

What advice would you give to all students?

Students need to know what their resources are and how to use them. The faculty and staff are here to help you! I also would encourage students to try something they may not have considered trying before. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be the biggest difference during someone's time at Belhaven.

For you, why BLC?

BLC has played a large role in my experience here at Belhaven, even before serving on BLC. I love that Belhaven has given students the opportunity to use their talents and skills to help improve Belhaven from a student's perspective. Being able to serve and see the impact BLC has on campus is fulfilling and encouraging.

Madeline Wurster

Madeline Wurster (Activities Coordinator)

Hometown:  Spring, TX

Major/Minor:  Business Administration and Accounting

Hobbies:  Sports, outdoor activities, hanging out with friends

What do you like most about Belhaven?

Because the school is so small it gives you the opportunity to really get to know your professors who are always willing to help you as much as they can.

What advice would you give to all students?

Get involved on campus and communicate with your professors, they can really help you.

For you, why BLC?

I am glad to have the opportunity to serve the student body and help provide Activities for the students to get away from school and have fun hanging out with their friends.

Emily Fillman

Emily Fillman (Recreation Coordinator)

Hometown:  Springfield, VA

Major/Minor:  Sports Medicine and Exercise Science Major, Dance Minor

Hobbies:  Drawing; painting; playing guitar, ukulele, and piano; discovering new music; cooking; and of course studying.

What do you like most about Belhaven?

What is so special about Belhaven is the relationships students build with the faculty. Professors invest in the students both in and out of the classroom. They are not merely concerned about the students' academia, but also their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This kind of mentorship is so unique to Belhaven and provides an atmosphere for academic and personal growth.

What advice would you give to all students?

A wise professor once told me: "Know what your 100% is for today, and give that." You may be tempted to spread yourself thin between academics, relationships, and opportunities, but know that it is okay to say "no." Some days, you may only be able to give 75% of what you could give on a good day. That's okay. We have a God who sustains us and makes up for our shortcomings.

For you, why BLC?

BLC offers students the opportunity to serve their fellow students and faculty while making a difference on campus. BLC provides me the platform to help promote community on the Belhaven Campus and encourage lasting relationships.

Keana Grissom

Keana Grissom (Campus Life Coordinator)

Hometown:  Carthage, MS

Major/Minor:  Biblical Studies/Leadership

Hobbies:  Enjoys listening to music, singing, playing basketball, watching sermons by my favorite speakers, and hanging out with friends.

What do you like most about Belhaven?

What I like most about Belhaven is the small community. There is something for everyone to do and even if you aren't used to it or have never done it before, you get to experience it. During my semesters here at Belhaven, I have grown in my exposure to things like food, certain events and just knowing places in the area. I've also been pushed out of my comfort zone, which has allowed me to see and use gifts I didn't realize I had.

What advice would you give to all students?

Get connected! Find out what your gifts are and use them to serve others. I know it can be very frightening, but it's necessary and so beneficial! This is the time you get to try things and determine what you like and don't like. How will you ever know if you don't try? Keep an open mind and try things. Don't keep from participating because things are new to you. That's the beauty of Belhaven! Try new things and enjoy the process! Have no fear! BLC is here!

For you, why BLC?

I chose BLC because I wanted to serve others and be pushed out of my comfort zone. I love what BLC stands for! Because of BLC and a mission trip they put together my first semester at Belhaven, I was able to get connected! That connection started an awesome journey of self-realization (pushing me beyond my comfort zone and discovering more God-given gifts) and service for others. Through BLC, I will continue to use my gifts and creativity to serve the student body as well as God. My hope is that through my role on BLC, many others will embark on the journey of self-realization and service for others!

Genevieve Dunn

Genevieve Dunn (Outreach Coordinator)

Hometown:  Kingsburg, CA

Major/Minor:  Arts Administration & Chemistry/p>

Hobbies:  Reading, Hanging out with friends, Intramurals, Dance, Music, Theatre, Baking/Cooking

What do you like most about Belhaven?

I love that Belhaven is like a family; the campus is the perfect size, so that I can meet students outside of my major and you get to know individuals from all over the world, making the college experience more unique. There is also great diversity on our campus–-we have people from everywhere doing all kinds of different things—and it gives us an opportunity to get involved with a variety of different activities and experiences!

What advice would you give to all students?

Get connected on campus! Seriously...find an activity or club to join and jump in - it will greatly enhance your time here. You'll get a chance to meet amazing people, try new things, and make life-long memories. Step outside your comfort zone - be willing to try new things, meet new people, and go to new places. Enjoy the time and experiences that you're going to have while you're learning here.

For you, why BLC?

BLC has given me an incredible opportunity to grow as a leader amongst my peers. I have accomplished more things than I ever thought I'd have the opportunity to experience in college. I've gotten to meet a ton of new people and help get them connected to our campus and to the surrounding community. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to grow and serve my campus for the last few years in the position of Outreach Coordinator, and I'm so excited to get another year to do it even better!

Kayla Neely

Kayla Neely (Integrated Marketing Coordinator)

Hometown:  Foley, AL

Major/Minor:  Visual Fine Art and Graphic Design

Hobbies:  Being outdoors, exploring new places, running, reading, and drawing & photography

What do you like most about Belhaven?

I like how the Belhaven community becomes, to an incoming student, something much more than just a group of faculty, staff, and peers. The Belhaven community becomes quickly like a second family and the campus a home away from home.

What advice would you give to all students?

Don't be afraid to step out of you comfort zone and try something new. You never know what new passions are inside, waiting to be revealed! BU provides so many awesome outlets; take advantage of these opportunities and get involved!

For you, why BLC?

BLC is a fantastic place to serve the student body, to learn new skills and to grow personally as well. I feel that God has used my involvement on campus, in the past three years, as an instrument to mature and shape me as a person and, more importantly, as a daughter in Christ. I'd say I have grown and learned more about myself through the extracurricular programs I've been apart of here than in any other area of school. Having experienced this, I desire to witness the growth God has planned for other students. I can't wait to continue maturing and learning beside them. BLC provides such an environment and such opportunities.

Mary Malone

Mary Malone (BLC Intern)

Hometown:  Birmingham, AL

Major/Minor:  Psychology; Philosophy

Hobbies:  Dancing, Cooking, Adventuring, Road trips, Photography, Concerts

What do you like most about Belhaven?

I love the unique community of it, as well as the intentional relationships built with the professors.

What advice would you give to all students?

Don't be afraid to talk to new people; it can be intimidating, but you will make friends.

For you, why BLC?

I have been inspired by BLC in past years and in the way they sacrifice so much of their time and effort to serve the campus, and I am excited to now have a new and challenging way to serve as well.

Chris Moody

Chris Moody (BLC Intern)

Hometown:  Madison, MS

Major/Minor:  Biblical Studies/Business

Hobbies:  Kayaking, Hanging with Friends, Playing Intramurals

What do you like most about Belhaven?

I love the community and the Christ centered environment. Teachers really invest in students and desire to see us grow both inside and outside the classroom. Jesus is also exalted in the classroom, which is rare and awesome.

What advice would you give to all students?

Get plugged in and connected. Getting involved in campus life and student leadership has greatly influenced my life and also made my college experience one I will never forget. Also, be who you are. It is really tempting to try and be what you're not. Be honest, be transparent, be real, be you.

For you, why BLC?

I wanted to be a part of BLC because I knew it would be a great leadership opportunity and a great way to serve campus. I had served in other areas of student leadership and BLC seemed like a big next step. The people are awesome and the staff really invests and seeks to help you grow as a leader.

Cleland Hall, Room 106 (BLC President)
601-968-8837 (BLC President)
BLC Campus Mailbox: #168
White Columns Campus Mailbox: #823