Intramural Policies

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SIGN UP: Team roster/entry forms will not be accepted after the sign up deadline. Team sign up must be completed on an intramural roster form. The entry fee for each team varies per sport. Entry fees must be paid prior to the first scheduled game.

ELIGIBILITY: All current Belhaven students (traditional), faculty and staff are eligible to play. Individuals may only play for one intramural team per sport season, per league.

ATHLETES/COACHES: Any athlete appearing on a current Belhaven athletic roster may not participate in an associate sport. Coaches may not participate in their associated sport. (For example: volleyball players and/or coaches may not play intramural volleyball.)

AWARDS: Specially designed awards will be presented to the intramural champion team. Awards are limited to the number of players on a roster up to twelve. Additional shirts may be purchased at the expense of the team.

FORFEIT: Entry forms, once completed, constitute an agreement between the team and the Intramural Office. Please honor the agreement. A fine ($15) will be assessed for each forfeit. If a forfeit occurs, the fee must be paid prior to the next scheduled game. If a forfeit occurs during tournament play the fee must be paid within one week of the forfeit.

DEFAULT: If a team is unable to make a match, a forfeit can be avoided by calling the Intramural Office 24 hours prior to the scheduled game time. We will call your opponent and the forfeit fee will not be assessed. The team initiating the default will be assessed a loss. A team may declare a default prior to game time by using an ineligible player. Teams are allowed one default per sport season; future defaults will be declared forfeits.

ROSTER ADDITION: Teams can add players to the team roster up to the last game of the season. Players must compete in a minimum of one intramural regular season game in order to participate in tournament play.

FREE AGENT: A free agent is a person who is interested in playing an intramural sport but is having difficulty finding enough people to constitute a team. A free agent will be assisted in finding a team. If one learns about Intramurals after the sign up deadline they are encouraged to contact a team captain on the playing field and ask if they can join their team.

SCHEDULING: The Intramural Office will make every effort to accommodate schedules of all participants. However, due to limited time and access to the playing fields, teams should be ready to play according to the schedules. During tournament play, the Office of Intramurals may not be able to accommodate schedules, requests or re-scheduling.

RE-SCHEDULING: The Intramural Office must be notified 48 hours prior to the scheduled game time, with the exception of tournament play, for re-scheduling to be an option (no guarantee). Policies for rescheduling: 1) The team initiating the re-scheduling is allowed one per season. 2) The team initiating the rescheduling must contact the Intramural Office to discuss and agree upon a rescheduling option. 3) The rescheduling agreement must take place prior to the originally scheduled game; if not, the initiating team will be issued a default. 4) The opposing team captain or co-captain is not obligated to reschedule.

EJECTION: Unsportsmanlike conduct (foul language, unnecessary roughness, arguing with officials, abuse of equipment, etc.) of any kind will not be tolerated. If a player is removed from a game for behavioral reasons the player will be suspended from all Intramural play pending a meeting with the Coordinator of Student Leadership & Intramurals. The length of the player's suspension will be determined at the meeting. An ejection will result in a minimum of one game suspension.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Teams will be rated on sportsmanship by the game officials after each game. Ratings are on an A, B, C scale.

TOURNAMENT PLAY: Inclusion in tournament play will be based on overall team record as the primary criteria. Teams with identical
records will have their overall sportsmanship during the course of season play taken into account as the tiebreaker.

TEAM CAPTAIN INFORMATION: It is advisable for teams to be at all games 15 minutes prior to each game. Game time is forfeit time! It is the captain's responsibility to sign in each team member prior to game time. Captains will not be allowed to add names to the sign in sheet after the game has started. Only the team captain is to represent the team at all discussions with the game officials; teams not conforming to this rule will be given a warning on their first offense. A team technical foul will be given for all subsequent offenses.

INTRAMURAL STAFF: Officiating will be done by officials who are in absolute control of the game. The official has the power to make decisions on any matters or questions not specifically covered in the rules.

ID POLICY: All intramural participants are required to turn in their current Belhaven ID card prior to game time. IDs should be given to the official scorekeeper. Anyone who has not turned in their ID before game time will not be allowed to play under any circumstances.

DISCIPLINE: The Coordinator of Student Leadership & Intramurals reserves the right to take the necessary disciplinary measures in a situation concerning an intramural participant, coach, or spectator displaying conduct unbecoming of an intramural competitor or the intramural program.

PLAYER'S ATTIRE: Tennis shoes and athletic attire must be worn by all intramural participants. Street clothes prohibited.

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