Caldwell Hall

Caldwell Hall is a three story brick building that opened in 1967.  It is named for Mignonne Caldwell.  She was a voice teacher at Belhaven for many years and founder of the original Singing Christmas Tree, a time-honored tradition at Belhaven University.

Caldwell features a cozy lounge with a hardwood floor and comfortable furniture on the first floor, along with a small community kitchen, and piano.  Caldwell Hall houses 106 female students.  Majestic pine trees shade a large terrace just outside the lounge.  The typical double-occupancy room size is 11’ by 16’.  All rooms are equipped with a high-definition TV service with DVR capability, as well as 1 Gbps broadband wireless internet access.  Community bathrooms are located on each floor, and have recently received a complete makeover.  Two resident assistants live on each floor, and a professional resident director lives in an apartment on the first floor.  The free use of laundry services is available in the basement level.

Caldwell Hall

Blueprint of Caldwell Hall

Description of Caldwell rooms:

2 Desks (with 2 desk chairs)

  • Outside Dimensions - 29.5" H, 42" W, 24" D
  • Two Side Drawers - 20" D, 12.5" W, 4" H
  • One Side Drawer - 20" D, 12.5" W, 10" H

2 Bookshelves (fixed to walls, with two shelves)

  • 24" W, 12" - 14" H

2 Chests

  • Outside Dimensions - 29.5" H, 36" W, 24" D
  • Two Drawers - 32.5" W, 20" D, 4" H
  • One Drawer - 32.5" W, 20" D, 9" H

2 Beds (with the option of bunking)

  • 85" long, 36" W, 72" H
  • 80" extra-long mattresses (require extra-long twin sheets)


  • 37"W, 52" H
  • Window Covering: Blinds

Number of outlets: four

Floor: Light gray tile

Mirror on wall

2 Towel bars or hooks