Residence Hall Staff

Each residence hall is staffed by a professional Resident Director (RD) and a team of student leaders who serve as Resident Assistants (RAs).  They are committed to helping residents adjust to life at Belhaven University and to grow academically, spiritually, and socially.

Meet the Resident Assistant Staffs

Learn who your RA will be; find the building where you will live, then find the section of rooms where the RA will be living.  Your RA will be one of the first people you meet when you arrive at Belhaven, and they will help you as you get adjusted to life at Belhaven University. 

Caldwell Hall
Resident Assistants:
Caldwell Hall RD and RAs

Left to Right: Abigail Stauffer, Alyson Lecroy, Natalie Keeling, Ainsley Wright,
Rachel Kniseley, and Kelly Weber

Caldwell Hall

RA for room numbers . . .

102-107: Abigail Stauffer
Abigail is a sophomore from Roseville, CA and is studying Dance. This summer she will be teaching dance, doing some choreography, and studying at Ad Deum Dance Company for a week. She enjoys crafts, making cards, scrapbooking, and crafts. Did I mention crafts?

108-114: Natalie Keeling
Natalie is a senior from Lawrenceville, GA and is studying Dance. This summer she will be working as a day-camp counselor while living at home. She will also be taking dance classes in Atlanta. She loves coffee, chocolate, jenga, dancing, and singing with the radio (especially when she doesn’t know the words). She will also answer to Katniss.

201-210: Alyson Lecroy
Alyson is a sophomore from Belle Mead, NJ and is studying the Arts. This summer she will be working at a daycare and teaching herself to paint. She loves to drink tea, bake cookies, and go skydiving and hopes to combine these three hobbies into an extreme sport one day. She was born in Texas, but New Jersey is now her home. Sorry Texans.

211-220: Rachel Kniseley
Rachel is a junior from Miami, FL and is studying Psychology. This summer she will be a camp counselor !Woohoo! for 9-12 graders, and will participate in a wedding while spending some time at home. She enjoys laughing…a lot, listening to spoken word, hanging out with her friends, adding the suffix –ing to words, and day dreaming…ing.

301-310:Kelly Weber
Kelly is a junior from Newark, DE and is studying Dance with a minor in Business Administration. She’s not entirely sure what her plans are for the summer, but plans to get a part time job and dance, as she is spending most of the time with her family in Delaware. She enjoys reading, making jewelry, supporting local businesses, going on walks, spending time outside, making ridiculous videos, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Harry Potter. Classic.

311-320: Ainsley Wright
Ainsley is a junior from South Miami, FL and is studying Psychology with a minor in Philosophy, so she’s practically a brain ninja. This summer she will be working at Anthropology, taking tennis lessons to get ready to join the team in the fall, and hanging out with friends and family. She enjoys drawing, arts & crafts, and shopping with her mom and friends.


Gillespie Hall
Resident Assistants:
Gillespie Residence Hall RD and RAs

Left to Right: Chelsea Levy, Arianna Marcell, Leyna Woods, Melissa Ford,
Ashlan Hudson, Jana Shivers, Deborah Loo, Anna Claire Thaggard

Gillespie Hall

RA for room numbers . . .
101-112: Anna Claire Thaggard

Anna Claire is a sophomore from Ridgeland, MS and is studying Psychology. This summer she plans on getting pumped up for being an RA! What else would anyone do? She will also be going on vacation with her family, working at Easely Amused Art Studio, and preparing her hall decorations so GET READY! She attends Reformed University Fellowship and enjoys kayaking, disc golf, hanging out with her family and friends, gardening, crafting, painting, and shooting any type of gun with her dad. ‘murica.

113-124: Ashlan Hudson 
Ashlan is a senior from Hilton, NY and is studying Arts Administration with a dance concentration. This summer she will be teaching at an inner city dance intensive back home, participating in Vacation Bible School (also teaching), as well as an internship with the Director of Worship Ministries at her church. She enjoys dance, children’s ministries, road trips, friends, making squiggly lines over unimportant sections on documents, and the flute.

201-210: Deborah Loo
Deborah is a sophomore from Cypress, CA and is studying Dance. Her summer plans are straightforward, as she simply intends to live on the edge. Rebel. She enjoys babysitting, hanging out with little kids, ADC, and teaching dance.

212-221: Melissa Ford 
Melissa is a junior from Alabaster, AL and is majoring in Business Administration. This summer she will be doing an internship with a small business, traveling, hanging out with family and friends, and working on hall decorations. She enjoys tennis, singing, shopping, small business coordination, party/wedding planning, and being with people, which is fortunate because she’s an RA.

301-312: Jana Shivers
Jana is a senior from McDounough, GA and is studying Dance. This summer she will be possibly be nannying, teaching ballet, taking a family vacation, and praying/planning/ponder/reflecting on this upcoming year. Well played Jana, well played. She loves to sing, eat, walk outside, hang out with friends, and dance…duh.

313-324: Leyna Woods
Leyna is a senior from Mission Viejo, CA and is studying Dance. This summer her plans include working, dancing, being in her sister’s wedding, going to the beach, helping at camp, and walking her dog. She enjoys dogs, sleep, animals, dogs, reading, being outside, dogs, and saving money so that she can spend it all on puppies! No joke. There will be puppies. And she likes dogs.

401-412: Arianna Marcell
Arianna is a sophomore from McKinney, TX and is studying Dance. This summer she plans to hang out with her family and friends, work, and dance with Dallas Black Dance Theatre. She enjoys dancing, journaling, and ADC, which has something to do with dance…I think.

413-424: Chelsea Levy
Chelsea is a senior from Waveland, MS and is studying Elementary Education, not Dance. Psych. This summer she plans on being in Jackson taking summer school and helping with children’s summer camps. She enjoys dancing, hanging out with friends and family, and reading.


Helen White Hall
Resident Assistants:
Helen White Residence Hall RD and RAs

Left to Right: Megan van der Bijl, Katie Rowan, Hannah Ruppert,
Katie Blough, Elisabeth Saeli

Helen White Hall

RA for room numbers . . .

105-109: Katie Blough
Katie is a senior from South Haven, MI and is studying Psych (which I can only assume is the TV show) and Dance. This summer she is going to the BEACH! And if you thought that was good, she is also doing an internship at a counseling center, getting a local job, having family time that includes her Grandpa’s birthday and celebrating her South African sister’s marriage! She enjoys dance, art, painting and ceramics, playing music, watching movies with friends, bonfires, and extreme spoons.

201-207: Hannah Ruppert
Hannah is a junior from Bethany, IL and is majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Dance. This summer she plans to be in her cousin’s wedding, work, and take summer classes. Alright, let’s see if I can do this with a masculine face…she enjoys sewing, crafting, make-up design, fashion, dancing, sparkles, Hello Kitty, and sunshine.

208-214: Megan van der Bijl
Megan van der Bijl (pronounced van der Bee-jull) is a senior from Byhalia, MS and is studying Piano Performance. This summer she will be going home for two months to practice piano a lot and hopefully find a job. In July, she is going to England for the first time! She enjoys playing piano, reading, watching science fiction movies/TV shows, singing, and hanging out with friends.

301-308: Katie Rowan
Katie is a senior from APO, AE, like that’s a real place…oh wait, it’s European Military. Had to Google that one. She is studying Collaborative Piano while at Belhaven, and this summer she plans to visit her brothers at the USAFA, and then she will be in her roommate’s wedding in California. She will the spend the remainder of her summer in England with her parents. She enjoys ultimate Frisbee, sports, playing the piano, underwater basket weaving, and watching movies.

309-315: Elisabeth Saeli
Elisabeth, or Liz, is a senior from Santa Maria, CA and is studying Accounting and Visual Arts, which we all know go together like…Accounting and Visual Arts. This summer she will be home for a month and a half, and then will be in Jackson working at the Belhaven Arts Camp. She will also be taking a few summer classes.

Robertson Halls
Resident Assistants:
Robertson RS and RAs

Left to Right: David Grimes, Luke Rogers, Jacob Robertson, Sebastian Bjernegard,
Jim Scott, David Vaughan

Robertson Hall

RA for room numbers . . .

Robertson 102-114: Luke Rogers
Luke is a senior from Reading, England and is studying Sport Medicine. This summer he plans to go home, take a couple online classes, and do clinical observations (shadowing) at a physical therapy clinic. He enjoys basketball and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. And come on, he has an English accent. Game over. He’s cool.

Robertson 116-126: Jacob Robertson
Jacob Robertson is a junior from Birmingham, AL and is studying Sports Administration. This summer he will be a camp counselor at Kanakuk. After that he will be spending time at home and plans to go to the beach. He is involved in Reformed University Fellowship and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He enjoys ultimate Frisbee, disc golf, kayaking, camping, basketball, and baseball. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, this guy has some seriously neat handwriting.

Robertson 202-214: David Grimes
David, or Tex, is a senior from Fredericksburg, TX and is studying Creative Writing. This summer he plans to stay home with his family and seek employment in writing. He will also be training for various crutch-based events in the upcoming Olympics. He enjoys writing, cooking and cliff diving when there is no water at the bottom. Hence the crutches.

Robertson 216-226: David Vaughan
David is a junior from Nipomo, CA and is majoring in Chemistry with a Business and Math minor. Better him than me. This summer he plans to work, get ahead on school for the fall, and work on his relationship with the Lord. I’d say that goes for all of us.

Robertson 302-314: Sebastian Bjernegard
Sebastian is a junior from Madison, MS, but he’s really from Sweden. I just couldn’t spell where he’s actually from with this keyboard. He is double majoring in Biblical Studies and Philosophy. This summer he plans to travel home to Sweden for 3 weeks, and then return to Jackson for summer camp. He will also be participating in an Intercollegiate Studies Institute conference and then go camping for one week. He enjoys Frisbee, camping, reading, and traveling.

Robertson 316-326: Jim Scott
Jim is a senior from Pelham, AL and is studying Business Administration. This summer he will be participating in a mission trip and an internship, which will keep him busy until school starts. His hobbies include tennis, basketball, other sports, and drums, which he also considers a sport.

Wells Halls
Resident Assistants:
Robertson RS and RAs

Left to Right: Chad Harman, Lacadric Bronson, Kaleb Reilly, Josh Molett,
Jonathan Dickson, Conrad Useldinger

Wells Hall

RA for room numbers . . .
Wells 102-112: Chad Harman
Chad is a senior from Meridian, MS and is studying himself as a possibility for the future of energy production. This summer he will be in Jackson making some seriously good chicken sandwiches and entertaining his future boss with random visits. He enjoys just about anything you can think of, including but not limited to: video games, movies, acting, hanging out with friends, wallets, soy sauce, parachutes, incubation, apples, star gazing, backgammon, pebbles, and nanotechnology.

Wells 114-126: Lacadric Bronson
Lacadric is a junior from Alexandria, LA and is studying Graphic Design. This summer he will be preparing to enjoy another year at Belhaven. He has dreads like a dread-headed superhero and enjoys skateboarding, playing video games, and occasionally sharking people at pool and ping pong.

Wells 202-212: Jonathan Dickson
Jonathan is a sophomore from Tyler, TX and is a Sports Medicine and Exercise Science major. This summer he will be working a few local jobs at home until mid-June when he will be traveling the US with his family’s ministry, Arts with a Mission. He enjoys soccer, theater, dance, worship, playing guitar, and wearing suspenders like a boss.

Wells 216-224: Josh Molett
Josh is a sophomore from Glen Allan, MS and is a Biology major. This summer he plans to play golf, work at the dental clinic, and hang out on the lake while playing Call of Duty. Not sure how he’ll get an extension cord out there, but he’s studying to be dentist so he’ll figure something out. He enjoys golf, video games, and hanging out at the lake with friends. Is there an echo in here?

Wells 302-312: Kaleb Reilly
Kaleb is a sophomore from Milford, MI and is majoring in Dance. This summer he will be dancing at the MasterWorks Arts Festival for two weeks, camping and adventuring in the wilderness of Canada, and working at home. He enjoys dance (obviously), piano, singing, music, composition, camping, awesome ninja skills, gallivanting, long walks on the beach, and being Kaleb. Who doesn’t like being Kaleb?

Wells 316-326: Conrad Useldinger
Conrad is a senior from Felton, CA and is studying Dance. This summer he plans to surf, rock climb, play music, and make smoothies at Jamba Juice. He enjoys singing, dancing, acting, guitar, surfing, rock climbing, awesome ninja skills, and taming ligers. He also has a fairly extensive knowledge of hat-tipping, so WATCH OUT!

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