Residence halls enhance the college experience by offering many educational opportunities outside the classroom to resident students. Close proximity to campus resources affords resident students the opportunity to become easily involved in campus activities. Resident students also tend to be more satisfied with their college experience, and are more likely to graduate. For these reasons, all full-time freshmen and sophomores (under 54 credit hours), single and under the age of twenty-one, are required to live on campus, with the exception of those students who live off campus at the permanent address of their parents or legal guardian. Campus housing is for undergraduate students (ages 17 – 26) enrolled in the traditional program. We are excited to welcome you into the residence life community!

Belhaven has six residence halls with three designated for women, two for men, and one co-ed apartment style building. The residence halls rooms are furnished, equipped with high-speed Ethernet connections, wireless internet, and high-definition cable with DVR capability. You can examine the specifics of each residence hall by visiting the Resident Hall pages.

All students who have attempted less than 54 credit hours must complete the housing application in the online housing portal and pay a $100 housing reservation deposit, if living on campus, or the housing exemption form, if requesting to live off-campus and meeting the criteria to do so.  The housing reservation deposit can be paid online; please check the “Housing Reservation Deposit” box.  The housing reservation deposit is refundable if cancellation is sent by email (slife@belhaven.edu) by July 15th, for those applying for the Fall semester and December 15th, for those applying for the Spring semester.

If you have any questions, please contact the office of Student Life.

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