Robertson Hall

Robertson Hall is one of two residence halls for men and houses 130 residents, in rooms that are approximately 11’ by 16’, each of which is equipped with super HD TV service with dedicated DVRs, as well as free Wifi with 1 Gbps (Gibabit per second) broadband Internet access. Two large restrooms are located on each floor and have just recently been thoroughly remodeled. Two Resident Assistants live on each floor, and a laundry room and kitchen are located on the first floor. A new lobby opened in 2007 that connects Robertson Hall to Wells Hall. The new facility has a large, spacious lounge area with pool and ping pong tables, a theater-style television room, a public restroom, vending machines, and an office and apartment for the Robertson-Wells Resident Director. Free laundry services are available for residential students in the building.

Robertson Hall opened in 1966 and was named for Mr. and Mrs. Stokes Robertson, Sr. Mr. Robertson served on the Belhaven Board of Trustees from 1918-1954.

Robertson Hall

Description of Robertson rooms:

2 Desks (with 2 desk chairs)

  • Outside Dimensions - 29.5" H, 42" W, 24" D
  • Two Side Drawers - 20" D, 12.5" W, 4" H
  • One Side Drawer - 20" D, 12.5" W, 10" H

2 Chests

  • Outside Dimensions - 29.5" H, 36" W, 24" D
  • Two Drawers - 32.5" W, 20" D, 4" H
  • One Drawer - 32.5" W, 20" D, 9" H

2 Beds (with the option of lofting)

  • 85" long, 36” W, 72” H
  • 80" extra-long mattresses (require extra-long twin sheets)


  • Rod - 39" to 43" W
  • Closet Shelf: 29" H, 23" D


  • 48"W, 53" H
  • Window Covering: Blinds

Number of outlets: four

Floor: Off-white tile

Internet: One hardwired T-1 line & building-wide wireless access.

Mirror on wall

2 Towel bars or hooks

Blueprint of Robertson Rooms

Robertson Hall Blueprint

Click on image to see an enlarged view of the room layout and dimensions.

Robertson Hall is a men's residence facility.

* All measurements and details are approximate. Some rooms may vary from the standard.