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Wells Hall

Wells Hall is one of two residence halls for men and houses 122 residents, primarily freshmen, in rooms that are approximately 11" by 14". Two large restrooms are located on each floor and have just recently been thoroughly remodeled. Two Resident Assistants live on each floor, and a laundry room and kitchen are located on the first floor. A new lobby opened in 2007 that connects Wells Hall to Robertson Hall. The new facility has a large, spacious lounge area, a theater-style television room, a public restroom, and an office and apartment for the Robertson-Wells Resident Director.

Named for W. Calvin Wells, a member of the Belhaven Board of Trustees from 1911 - 1952, Wells Hall opened in 1962.

Wells Residence Hall

Description of Wells rooms:

2 Desks:

  • Outside Dimensions - 30.5" H, 42" W, 24" D
  • 3 Side Drawers (Inside dimensions) - 13.5" D, 8.5" W, 5" H
  • Bookshelf on desk - 39" inside width, 10.5" lower shelf height

2 Dressers:

  • Outside Dimensions - 30" H, 27.5" W, 18" D
  • Three Drawers (Inside dimensions) - 23" W, 13.5" D, 5" H

2 Desk Chairs with green upholstery

2 Beds, bunked:

  • 7' long, 3' 8" W, 5' 6" H
  • Bottom bed is adjustable from 4" to 15" above the floor
  • 80" extra-long mattresses - require extra-long twin sheets

Window: 48" W, 54" H
Window covering: Mini-blinds
Closet: 36" W rod
Closet Shelf: 12" D, 26" H
Number of outlets: four. (Note - Wells Hall outlets are 2-prong, requiring adaptors for 3-prong cords.)
Floor: Off-white tile
Phone: 1 phone line; double voicemail system
Internet: Two hardwired T-1 lines and building-wide wireless access.
Mirror on wall
2 Towel bars or hooks

Blueprint of a Wells Room

Wells Hall blueprint

Click on image to see an enlarged view of the room layout and dimensions.

Wells Hall is a men's residence facility.

For specific details of the room, see the paragraphs below.

* All measurements and details are approximate. Some rooms may vary from the standard