Wells Hall

Wells Hall is a three story brick building that opened in 1962.  It is named for W. Calvin Wells, a significant member of the Belhaven Board of Trustees from 1911 – 1952.

Wells Hall houses 128 residents, in rooms that are approximately 11’ by 14’.  All rooms are equipped with a high-definition TV service with DVR capability, as well as 1 Gbps broadband wireless internet access.  Two resident assistants live on each floor and a professional resident director lives above the lobby.   The residence hall has community bathrooms and a kitchen located on the first floor.  Free laundry services are available for residential students in the building.  A lobby connects Wells Hall to Robertson Hall, featuring a large, spacious lounge area with pool and ping pong tables, and a theater-style television room.

Wells Residence Hall

Blueprint of Wells Hall

Description of Wells rooms:

2 Desks (with 2 desk chairs)

  • Outside Dimensions - 30.5" H, 42" W, 24" D
  • 3 Side Drawers - 13.5" D, 8.5" W, 5" H

Bookshelf on Desk

  • Inside – 39” W
  • Lower Shelf – 10.5” H

2 Chests

  • Outside Dimensions - 30" H, 27.5" W, 18" D
  • Three Drawers - 23" W, 13.5" D, 5" H

2 Beds (with the option of bunking)

  • 84” long, 44" W, 66" H
  • 80" extra-long mattresses (require extra-long twin sheets)


  • Rod - 36" W
  • Closet Shelf: 12" D, 26" H


  • 48" W, 54" H
  • Window Covering: Blinds

Number of outlets: four. (Note - Wells Hall outlets are 2-prong, requiring adaptors for 3-prong cords.)

Floor: Off-white tile

Internet: Two hardwired T-1 lines and building-wide wireless access.

Mirror on wall

2 Towel bars or hooks