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Stop The Madness!

One of the first "Real World" lessons of college is that there are fewer external motivations to keep you going-mom isn't waking you up in the morning-your classes aren't pre-scheduled for you-you may or may not have weekly tests to make sure you're keeping up with the material. You will have to find something internal to get the job done. And often, those students who don't muster up the internal intestinal fortitude it takes end up in a vicious cycle of procrastination-this can ruin you academically if it runs away unchecked. Here are some things to consider about this sneaky disabler:

1. Figure out what your personal procrastination looks like:

2. Think about why you are procrastinating - most people put things off for one or more of these reasons:

3. Once you know why and how you are procrastinating, learn how to stop it.

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