Student Care Staff

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Mark Hunter

Name:  Dr. Mark Hunter

Title:  Dean of Student Care

Hometown:  Birmingham, AL

Degrees:  PhD in Educational Psychology (University of Alabama); Master of Divinity (Samford University); Master of Counseling (East Tennessee State University) BA Religious Studies (Western Kentucky University)

Hobbies/Interests:  Spending time with wife and two daughters; Alabama football; bluegrass music

At Belhaven:  Mark’s desire is to assist students in fulfilling their potential academically, emotionally, and spiritually as they seek God’s guidance for their lives.

Rachel Burchfield

Name:  Rachel Burchfield

Title:  Director of Student Engagement

Hometown:  Topeka, KS

Degrees:  BS in Journalism and Mass Communications and Minor in Leadership Studies (University of Kansas); MA in Higher Education Administration (University of Mississippi)

Hobbies/Interests:  Spending quality time with my family and friends; reading, especially biographies and non-fiction; writing for a handful of newspapers and magazines around the Southeast; painting; traveling.

At Belhaven:  As Director of Student Engagement, Rachel seeks to make Belhaven feel like home for every student and to help students learn and appreciate what their God-given strengths, skills, and talents are so that they may not only better Belhaven but the also the world through them.

Sherman Green

Name:  Dr. Sherman Green

Title:  Student Care Director

Hometown:  Jackson, MS

Degrees:  B.A., Communication; M.S., Counselor Education; Doctor of Philosophy, Community College Leadership, Mississippi State University

Hobbies/Interests:  Traveling, listening and performing to live bands/music, meeting new people, and enjoying new experiences.

At Belhaven:  Sherman Green serves as the Director of Student Care. In his position, he meets with students and helps them to form a strategic plan on how to successfully matriculate throughout their college experience at Belhaven University. He introduces students to taking better notes, preparing for exams, having better organization skills, setting goals for themselves, and utilizing their inner-strengths. By guiding students according to their strengths, Sherman hopes to help students rely on their God-given gifts to become the person they are meant to be; to invoke the “light” that God intends for His children to be in this world.

Carina Lindsey

Name:  Carina Lindsey

Title:  Director of Student Success

Hometown:  Jackson, MS

Degree:  B.S., Educational Psychology and M.S., Counselor Education with a concentration in School Counseling and Guidance, Mississippi State University; National Board Certified Counselor

Hobbies/Interests:  Exploring trails with my 100lb boxer/bullmastiff, caraBelle; crafting and DIY projects, Interior design and collecting distinctive items, social event planning, creating new dessert recipes, and creative writing and blogging on personal reflections.

At Belhaven:  Carina serves as the Director of Student Success in the Office of Student Care. Carina meets with students to help them design and adopt academic success, career, and life plans. She teaches College Success and Study Methods courses to help students make a positive transition to Belhaven University and enhance their personal and academic development. Carina hopes to help students recognize their value and what they have on the inside; inspiring students to embrace their uniqueness and God-given talents to become the best version of themselves.

Kasia Crider

Name:  Kasia Twiner

Title:  Think Center Coordinator

Hometown:  Monticello, MS

Degree:  Bachelor of Social Work, Mississippi College

Hobbies/Interests:  Baking, meal planning, blogging, enjoying time with my husband and puppies, working on my herb garden, and spending time with my church family and friends.

At Belhaven:  Kasia serves as the Think Center Coordinator for the Office of Student Care. She primarily meets with students of the School of the Arts aiming to help them have a successful and life-giving experience at Belhaven. Kasia desires for every student to see the individual gifts, talents, and strengths God has given them and how they can use those individual qualities to make a difference in the world.