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Alumni Society

As stated in the constitution and by-laws, the purpose of the Belhaven University Alumni Society "shall be to advance the cause of Christian higher education, to unite all the alumni of Belhaven University into a compact organization so that they may more effectively communicate with each other and with the University on matters of mutual interest, to arrange for alumni reunions, and in other ways support the work of the University's alumni office."

Alumni return to the campus each fall, at which time the presentation of the Alumnus of the Year Award is made. The recipients of the award have been: Elizabeth Spencer (1962), Virginia Hoogenakker (1963), Charlice Minter Gillespie (1964), Sarah Barry Gillespie Wilson (1965), Mary Virginia Alexander (1966), Bess Caldwell (1970), Adeline Hill Ostwalt (1971), Mary Katharine Knoblock McCravey (1972), Frances Preston Mills (1973), and Mary Taylor Sigman (1974).

In 1975, to commemorate 20 years of coeducation, citations rather than a single Alumnus of the Year Award were presented to the following men: Woodrow Wilson Benton, Jr., (class of 1963), John Harrison Campbell, III (class of 1956), Charles Lowry Echols (class of 1959), and Thomas Ennis Elkin (class of 1962).

In celebration of the nation's bicentennial, a Distinguished Service to Mankind Award was presented to industrialist Warren A. Hood in 1976. Distinguished Alumnus Awards were presented to Lula Williams Anderson (class of 1923) and Thomas C. Maynor (class of 1961).

Recent recipients of the Alumnus of the Year Award have been: Thomasina Blissard and Elizabeth Caldwell Swindell (1977), Bettye Quinn (1978), Janie Eldredge Languirand (1980), Verne R. Kennedy (1982), Clarence Chapman (1983), Margaret Weathersby (1984), James W. Hood (1985), Evelyn Tackett (1986), William K. Wymond (1987), Janet McDonald (1988), Jeannette McAllister Bailey (1989), Janie G. Rugg (1990), Beth Irby Milam (1991), Sue Gaddy Hathorn (1992), Catherine Kruidenier Teixeira (1993), W. Lynn Stringer (1994), Dr. Newton Wilson and Becky Orzen Wilson (1995), Elizabeth “Tay” Wise (1996), Mamy Ruth Giles (1997), Caroline Weir Bennett (1998), Susan Cornell Bauer and Gary H. Bauer (1999), William (Bill) E. Frisbee, Sr. (2000), Max Robert Taylor, Jr. (2001), Palmer Robertson (2002), Dr. Dominic Aquila (2003), Dr. Sherron George (2004), Jimmy Turner (2005), George Hunsburger (2006), Ronald W. McKinney (2007), J. Joseph Stroble (2008), Mark J. Windham (2009), Gregory D. Jordan (2010), James “Bebo” Elkin (2011) and F. Stewart Edwards (2012).

Recipients of the Young Alumnus of the Year Award have been: Stewart Edwards (2002), Dr. Michael Holman (2003), Joel Bomgaars , Patrick Norman, and Nathan McNeil, co-founders of Network Streaming, Inc. now currently called Bomgar Corporation (2004), Dr. Timothy Quinn (2005), Brian Perry (2006), Andrew Camenisch (2007), Grant F. Callen (2009), Heather L. Ivery (2010), Brad White (2011) and Bonnie McDonald Grubbs (2012). The Distinguished Aspire Alumnus Award for the Jackson campus was awarded to Nehemiah Flowers in 2002, Gerry Gaggini in 2003, and Lee Ann Mayo in 2004; the Distinguished Aspire Alumnus Award for the Memphis campus was awarded to Brian White in 2002 and Phil Bryant in 2003. Don Gleason was awarded the Distinguished Aspire Alumnus Award for the Orlando campus in 2004.

Two service awards, the Alumni Church Service Award and the Alumni Community Service Award, were added in 1995 in addition to the Alumnus of the Year Award. Recipients of the Church Service Award have been: Peggy Beckman Miller (1995), Reverend Clay and Darleen Quarterman (1996), Betty Clark Simmons (1997), Buck Mosal (1998), Helen Sloop Martin (1999), Dessie Anderson Caufield (2000), Mary Elizabeth “Bibby” Richardson Swayze (2001), Bebo Elkins (2002), Dr. Richard Whitlock (2003), Reverend Brister Ware (2004), Don Gahagen (2005), Don Elliott (2006), Emett H. Barfield (2007), John S. Leonard (2008), Peggy P. Skattebo (2009), Florence R. Scott (2010), Tom Kay Jr. (2011) and Thomas R. Patete (2012). The Alumni Community Service Award has been granted to: Martha Harris Campbell (1995), Sarah Boddie Buffington (1996), Larry Johnson (1997), Ron McKinney (1998), Sarah Jane Givens Alston (1999), Ruth Wible Brewbaker (2000), Mary Evelyn “Ebbie” Smith Spivey (2001), Shirley Hall (2002), Dr. Kim Sessums (2004), Phil Hardwick (2005), Ann M. Maynor (2006), E.C. Harpe (2007), Emma McCain (2008), Erma E. Driver (2009), and Corinne Fox (2010).

Recipients of the Jim Park Business Award have been Mark Windham (2002, Edward St. P- (2003), Bond Christie (2004), Michael J. Peters (2007), Andrew Mattiace (2008), John E. Eichelberger (2009), W. Wayne Husband (2010), Billy Sims (2011) and J. Thomas Grantham, Jr. (2012). Brenda Wolf received the Bettye Quinn Education Award for 2002 with Dale Darden Anderson being the recipient in 2003, William Dale Nutt in 2004, Barbara Porter (2005), Leon A. Henry, Jr. (2006), Beverly H. Peden (2007), Ellza C. Jones (2008), Beverly C. Weathersby (2009), Lynn G. Beck (2010), Ann Scott (2011) and Jane Everly (2012).