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Catalogue: Online Campus
Requirements for Degrees

The Online Campus of Belhaven University offers courses leading to an associate's degree or a bachelor of science in management degree. In addition to earning a prescribed minimum number of semester hours credit and to maintaining an overall C average (2.00 GPA), a candidate for a degree from Belhaven University must complete basic course requirements, make application online, and fulfill all financial obligations to the University.

Applications for degree completion audits must be through the online application found on by the deadlines listed in the calendar at least eight months prior to the anticipated degree completion. Failure to do so on schedule will result in a late fee assessment as listed in the Special Fees section; a delay in the graduation date is also possible.

Degrees Offered
Associate of Arts
Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies
Associate of Arts in Business
Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Health Administration
Bachelor of Science in Management
Master in Business Administration
Master of Health Administration
Master of Public Administration
Master of Science in Leadership
Master of Sports Administration
Master of Education
Master of Education in Reading Literacy
Certificate in Health Administration
Certificate in Human Resources
Certificate in Leadership
Certificate in Sports Administration

Academic Advising

The office of Student Services for the Online Campus will acquaint students with options in developing a plan for degree completion at the time of orientation.

After a student enrolls in the online campus program, courses taken at other institutions of higher learning must be approved by the Registrar. Students can access the "Request to Take a Course at Another Institution" form on Concurrent enrollment in two institutions must be approved by the Registrar's office.

Residence Requirement

Belhaven University requires of all candidates for an undergraduate degree a minimum residence as follows. The last 17 semester hours of work must be earned in residence for the Associates degree. The last 31 semester hours of work must be earned in residence for a Bachelor’s degree.

Progress Toward Degree

Students who have not completed a degree within six years of attendance at Belhaven University will continue their seventh year of study under a new catalogue.

General Education Goals
Requirements for Degree

Goal I: A mastery of one's own language in oral and written form 9 hours
Goal II: A familiarity with the great literature of the world with a Christian perspective 6 hours
Goal III: A familiarity with a second language or culture of a major civilization 3-6 hours
Goal IV: An understanding of science 7 hours
Goal V: A knowledge of mathematical skills 3-6 hours
Goal VI: An understanding and historical perspective of the contemporary world 6 hours
Goal VII: A knowledge of Christian Scripture and an ability to integrate that knowledge with issues of daily life 9 hours
Goal VIII:  An appreciation of humanity's artistic accomplishments 3 hours
Goal IX: An ability to apply the biblical vision of the Kingdom of God 3 hours

Course Enrollment Regulations
Students who have transferred to Belhaven University will be required to complete nine hours of Bible courses, BIB 214 (Old Testament History), 215 (New Testament History), and WVC 106 (Introduction to Worldview), at Belhaven University