Catalogue: Traditional Program: Economics

Economics (ECO)

Professor Penn
Assistant Professor Jinkiri

205 Principles of Macroeconomics (3).
A study of the basic tools of macroeconomic analysis and their application to the use of monetary and fiscal policies to achieve macroeconomic goals. A section on international trade and finance is included. Available as a General Education Elective. (Fall only)
206 Principles of Microeconomics (3).
A study of the basic tools of microeconomic analysis and their application to decision making by the household and the business firm. A section on government regulation and antitrust policy is included. Recommended for students interested in graduate Business studies. (Spring only)
207 Marketplace Economics (3).
A study of the foundational principles and theories in micro – and macro-economics and their applications in a business setting. It includes the relationship of economic analysis to management decision making  and business strategy and policy. Open only to Business or Accounting Majors (Fall and Spring).