Communication Major and Concentrations

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

The Communication major prepares students for the field of journalism, electronic communication, public relations and sports broadcasting. The Bachelor of Arts in Communication is organized to expose student to the professional world of the media. Students will be taught by seasoned professionals with years of experience in the field. They will gain real world experience through internships and specific media topics.

Society needs individuals who are trained in not only journalistic skills, but also moral standards to give the public the best information possible with which to make important decisions.


Students are encouraged to concentrate in a specific area of communication.


Journalism is the investigation/research and reporting of events, government, trends, business, arts and entertainment. Students will be able to write, edit, and report the news of the day in a format that is easily understood by the electorate.

Electronic Communication

Electronic Communication students will take writing and technology oriented classes. The will learn the art of communication through the spoken word. They will be able to demonstrate their work and have a DVD to show potential employers at the culmination of the skills classes. Students interested in broadcast journalism should choose this concentration.

Public Relations

Public Relations is managing communication between businesses, organizations and the people they serve. Students will need to employ some of the same skills in the other two concentrations. However, they will learn keen organizational skills that will assist them as they matriculate into the world of Public Relations. They will need good writing, broadcasting and internet skills to be worthy public relations practitioners.

The Department of Communication at Belhaven University has graduated many outstanding graduates who have distinguished themselves in the field of media. They learn the art of disseminating a wide range of information to a large audience through television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet. We insure that our students take the Christian experience into the all aspects of the discipline of media.

Sports Broadcasting

The Departments of Communication and Sports Administration have partnered to offer a concentration in Sports Broadcasting. Students interested would major in Communication and concentrate in Sports Broadcasting. Students would be able to focus on writing, reporting, or production as it relates to sports. This concentration will offer a wide array of opportunities in the area of Sports and Communication.