Undergraduate Dance Degrees


Belhaven University dance department offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Bachelor of Arts in Dance. All of our degree programs emphasize the integration of Christian faith and learning and its implications for the theory and practice of dance in order to prepare students spiritually, technically, academically, and artistically to move into the world of dance and affiliated careers.

Undergraduate students will have the opportunity to participate in creative and scholarly work through curricular offerings in technique, performance, choreography, improvisation, pedagogy, history, ministry, integration of technology, and production, among others. With the integration of other departmental courses including the Worldview Curriculum, students receive a broad liberal arts education in addition to their in-depth dance study.

One of the main differences between the BA and BFA, is that the BA is considered a general dance degree and the BFA is a professional degree. The BFA is a degree that focuses more on the studio-oriented courses such as technique and performance. In comparison, the Bachelor of Fine Arts has more course work in technical and performance studies than the Bachelor of Arts and involves more participation in the arts, rather than in academics.

The degree credit and curriculum summary for each degree track is listed below.

Admission Information

The application process for acceptance into Belhaven University and the dance department are two separate items. All prospective students must audition for the dance program and submit items for acceptance prior to auditions. If you have any questions about admission, contact 601-968-5940 or admission@belhaven.edu.

Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Dance

The Bachelor of Fine Arts meets a minimum of 128 credit hours to include: A minimum of 82 credits in dance with 32 credits of technical studies, a minimum of 25 credit hours in performance/choreography studies, 3 hours of dance history and 22 credits of body sciences and career innovation.

Download the course curriculum for the BFA in Dance. (PDF)

Bachelor's of Arts in Dance

The Bachelor of Arts in Dance meets a minimum of 124 credit hours to include: A minimum of 56 credits in dance with minimum 13 credits of technical studies, 9 credits of performance/choreography studies, 6 hours of dance history, 13 credits of body sciences and career innovation, and 15 credits of general dance educational studies.

Download the course curriculum for the BA in Dance. (PDF)

Minor in dance:

To minor in dance it requires 24 hours in dance courses, including DAN 147 and 148, 170, 225-226 or higher, or DAN 233-234, or higher, and one of the following courses DAN 300, 301, 375, 360, 361, 362, 475 or 476 . Not open to students majoring in dance. A technique class is required each semester.