Printing Request Form

To purchase Business Cards, Envelopes, and stationery, please read all the information below and fill out the form.

To view the new look see examples: Stationery. Business Card. Envelope. For specialty envelopes or other print materials, please e-mail the Office of Communications

The 5 Steps:

1. Fill out contact information and check boxes for items you wish to order.
2. Fill out the expanded forms for items checked.
3. Submit the form
4. Receive an email receipt with ETA.
5. Fill out a PO and turn into the business office (if necessary)**

**if you order 3 boxes or less of the stationery or envelopes you will not need to fill out a Purchase Order. Your account provided will be billed against an internal account.

Note: For orders of stationery or envelopes 3 boxes or less MSWord templates will be provided for Departmental information printed at the bottom (as seen in sample).

A copy of the receipt e-mail will be supplied to you, the Business Office, your Vice President, the Communications Office, and the Vendor. Please do not forward your receipt e-mail.

All deliveries will arrive at the Belhaven Post Office.

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