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Belhaven High Scholars Required Texts

Used Both Year One and Year Two:

The Holy Bible

Spielvogel, Jackson J.  Western Civilization, 9th edition (2014).  Cengage
ISBN:  978-1285436401
(2014-15 year two students will continue with the 8th edition)

The Bedford Guide for College Writers, 10th edition
 ISBN:  978-1-4576-3104-7  

Asia’s Religions: Christianity’s Momentous Encounter with Paganism by Lit-Sen Chang, ISBN:  978-1-892-63203-6  

Digital image databases, online museums and galleries, various exploratory and educational websites, digital and printed handouts, video lectures prepared by Belhaven University professors, and online university library resources will also be provided as part of the course work.

Year One Only:

Norton Anthology of Western Literature, 9th edition, volume 1
ISBN: 978-0-393-93364-2

Year Two Only:

Introduction to the Russian Soul by Ralph and Jennifer Ennis with Paula Rinehart 
ISBN: 9-1978-3035-4

Bruchko by Bruce Olsen 
ISBN: 978-0-884-19133-9

Norton Anthology of Western Literature, 9th edition, volume 2                          
ISBN:  978-0-393-93363-5

Spielvogel, Jackson J.  Western Civilization, 8th edition