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School of Nursing

We are excited to welcome you to the School of Nursing at Belhaven University. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) classes begin in the fall of 2014. Apply today to begin your journey of a career in nursing.

Major: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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In this video, President Dr. Roger Parrott welcomes you to join the first ever class of Belhaven University nursing students.

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The mission of the School of Nursing at Belhaven University is to provide a basic nursing education program which prepares graduates who are servant leaders that value integrity and justice in all aspects of their lives. Belhaven University graduates are challenged to transform health care through the uniqueness of Christ-inspired nursing practice.

Belhaven University graduates will promote nursing science and at the same time, reflects its Christian value of serving our communities with excellence and compassion. Belhaven's institutional motto is "to serve, not to be served," and the University feels that the field of nursing is an extraordinary opportunity to expand and deepen the institution's commitment to service of our state's citizens by preparing those citizens' future nurses.

Belhaven University is strategically located in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi's medical health corridor. Our location, our new and renovated facilities, and our top faculty will provide you with tremendous access to the best of health care training. If you are interested in a nursing program of strong academic caliber, a deep commitment to faith and a genuine desire to serve the community then let us tell you more by requesting information and/or applying to Belhaven today. We will be happy to host you on a tour of our facilities and allow you to meet our science and nursing faculty. Please note, admission to Belhaven University does not automatically admit one to the School of Nursing.